Reclaim your life by healing your inner child through books

For those not interested in self-development, the whole thing can seem like a windy fairytale. And this is seen as another reason for them to avoid entering this field or working independently

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July 1, 2022

Getting in touch with your inner child isn't always easy to find how to heal your inner child. At first, they may look like they want to cry. This is natural. Our part, which parted at an early age, had to leave for good reasons such as abuse, fear, carelessness, and misunderstanding. These young organs were not allowed to express their overwhelming feelings, so they robbed them.

If someone's life is not very satisfying and wants to change it, they can find the answer. After doing this, they can take a closer look at what's going on in their mind and focus on their tasks.


So, as the days, weeks, and months go by, they may find that their lives are slowly changing. There may come a time when people are astonished by the degree of change in life by reading inner child healing books.

You may find that some people in his life have drifted away and that some different people have entered his world. This clearly shows that they have changed deeper and are no longer the same person.

Law of resonance

One way of looking at it is that they were in a loud place before, but now they are in a completely different place. Thanks to this change, they no longer suit certain people.

These people still live on the same planet, but it would not be an energetic match for them. So why is the connection between them broken? The people who came into his life were not an active match for him, and now he is not.

Another experience

Again, you may find that their life doesn't really change or that they only change for a short time before returning to their previous state. If it does, you can believe they need to be twice as much as before.

Making changes to what they were doing and pushing themselves even harder can allow them to move on. On the contrary, it can cause them to experience more anger and frustration and sink into helpless holes.

Two levels

When it comes to how a person experiences life and the circumstances, situations, and events in which they find themselves, what is happening in their consciousness is only part of it. The other part is what is happening in their unconscious mind/body.

Another way of looking at it is that not only the adult self that influences their lives but also their children themselves or inner child healing books influence their lives. Focusing on the former and ignoring the latter is unlikely to lead to profound change.

Go the way

On the other hand, Pure Emotional Magic work on what's going on at a deeper level and starts healing their inner child, it's like changing the exterior of their car and repairing the engine. Instead of tinkering purely with what is happening on the surface, they will deal with what is happening at the center of their existence.

However, the difference here is that it takes strength and effort to change what is happening above. It is a masculine elemental manifestation, but the same approach is not required when solving what is happening on a deeper level. At this level, it is about surrender and manifesting the feminine elements.


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